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The history of the National Defense Medical Center Library can be traced back to the Army Medical School that was established during the Ch’ing Dynasty. The Library was relocated to Taiwan when the national government withdrew to Taiwan in 1949. Since then, the Library has continued to evolve and grow.
In October 1975, following the completion of the National Defense Medical Center facility on Shui Yuan Road, the Library was renamed the Chih-Teh Medical Library to commemorate the important contribution made by Professor Lu Chih-Teh, the former President of the National Defense Medical Center.
In July 1979, following the merger between the Tri-Service General Hospital and the National Defense Medical Center, the Tri-Service General Hospital’s Library was re-designated as a branch of the National Defense Medical Center Library.
In December 1999, following the completion of the National Defense Medical Center’s new facility in Taipei’s Neihu District, the Library was moved to its current site; the formal opening of the new Library also took place in December 1999.
In October 2000, the Tri-ServiceGeneralHospital moved to a new site adjacent to the National Defens eMedical Center, and the collections of the Hospital’s Library were merged into the National Defense Medical Center Library’s collections.

The Library’s Collections

The Library’s collections consist mainly of academic works concerned with medicine or related fields. The collections include books, periodicals, audiovisual materials, special collections, etc.
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E-Resources Databases
Audiovisual materials
Overview of the Library Facilities
Reading room seats: The Library has 500 ordinary reading room seats, 50 audiovisual reading room seats, and 12 special collections reading room seats.
Audiovisual facilities: The Library has 40 seats equipped with multimedia display equipment, projectors, audiovisual equipment etc. There is also an audiovisual room with seating for up to 10 people.
IT facilities: The Library subscribes to several medical databases, and has its own website. Library users at both the National Defense Medical Center and the Tri-Service General Hospital can access the Library’s databases using the National Defense Medical Center’s intranet.
Library automation facilities: The National Defense Medical Center Library began the establishment of a library automation system in 1988. The system, which includes catalog compilation, purchasing, loan, periodicals, online public search directory and interlibrary loan modules, etc., supports the Library’s internal operations, Library user inquiries, etc.